Hotel high-end iron stage
(1) [Stage on the stage] 1. The surface is made of 5MM fire-retardant fiber carpet; (There are many colors to choose from) 2. The tabletop is made of imported 18MM dry plywood (A-grade high-hardness plywood); 1.6MM profiles.
(2) 【Stage Stand】 1. The countertop frame is made of 40*40*5 angle steel, and the structure is firm; all metal frames are treated with anti-rust treatment, then sprayed, and then sprayed with static electricity for durability. 3. The main frame adopt
(3) [surface treatment]: 1, degreasing to oil treatment (so that the surface of the steel tube is oiled, impurities fall off). 2. Phosphating treatment of steel (to form a rust layer on the surface of the steel pipe and increase the surface paint str
The stage

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