W003-1 Folding stage with wheels
Stage specifications: 1220*(1220+1220)*600-1000MM
Material: aluminum alloy reinforced frame dimensions 60*45MM can be combined with the surrounding groove function.
Countertop: Dedicated stage board, thickness 18MM or more, wooden, environmental protection, non-slip, moisture-proof function.
Stage feet: aluminum alloy tube Φ50*3MM.
Foot Cup: M12 * 80MM anti-adhesive configuration, the plastic block will not fall off in the foot cup.
Taiwan stress: 400KG/square meter.
Convenient and quick installation, foldable, pushable, with 3 inch caster, no damage to the ground

Detailed introduction

Site construction effects
The latest aluminum alloy folding stage was developed on the basis of the hotel stage. After folding, it is a four-way overall convenient for transport and storage. The entire stage is made of all-aluminum alloy except for the stage board. The whole bolt structure is light, and the structure is easy to open. A stage is less than 1 minute, a breakthrough in the stage construction is achieved, the existing two stage boxes are available 1*2M*H0.4-0.6M, 1.22*2.44M*0.6-1.0M.