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 Address:No.50, Xihe Road, Kengtou, Nancun Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China
Guangzhou NuoGou Stage Equipment Co., Ltd

The core structure of NuoGou:
NuoGou Stage Equipment Co., Ltd. has been a key member of the industry stage structure design and site construction for more than ten years. During these years, it has been adhering to the "safety first, reasonable combination of products" as the first element, in order to allow our customers to be more reasonable With various types of stage trusses such as lighting trusses and stage equipment, we provide investment advice to customers from a variety of perspectives including demand analysis, products, and programs, and fully reflect the “professional” and “precise” aspects of business and technology. "fine". Based on the effective delivery of value, we can quickly promote mutual trust and cooperation. In the important aspect of product quality, NuoRou people purchase and configure raw materials in strict accordance with the design requirements. At the same time, the core aluminum alloy welding workers are all working in the light truss industry for over 3 years.

NuoGou's core values:
NuoGou Stage Equipment Co., Ltd. has been striving to become a "lifelong service provider for direct users and target customers" because it cannot provide end users with long-term continuous service and technical support. It cannot be considered as a complete product and solution. " "The lifelong service provider of direct users and target customers" is the core content of Nordisk's operations. Our plan covers the planning, design, technical solutions, forward-looking analysis of customer development, rational selection of products, and the use and maintenance of products.