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China New Songs Concert Shenzhen Station - NuoGou Stage Equi

Just past June 3, the Shenzhen New Music Song Concert Shenzhen station of the Shenzhen Silkworm Gymnasium ended and a sound feast ended.   NuoGou was fortunate to be the aluminum structural equipment supplier for this concert. I believe many of my friends would also like to know what the stage setup of this concert is. Then urinating will be directly on the map for everyone. There are pictures and the truth.

       Stage design and renderings  

  Build a good stage effect

Finally decryption equipment for everyone:

     The performer uses LA's K1 line array audio to ensure the same audiovisual enjoyment as on the show.

     Electric hoist uses American CM stage electric hoist

     The ceiling adopts a non-pillar design, and the entire roof is lifted by a force pulling frame.

     Equipment list:

     NuoGou N520*760D+as a reinforced beam

     NuoGou N300*300DA as a roof support frame

     NuoGou N400*400DA as a hanging light pole

     NuoGou Stretching All-Aluminum Ceiling Hanging Pulley System

     Positive use:

     NuoGou diameter 12m N450*450 Round light stand              


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