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NuoGou 2016 thanks for having you!

There are still a few days to usher in the traditional Chinese festival, the Spring Festival! This also means that 2016 will also formally become a thing of the past. Connaught promises everyone here: Happy New Year! Good luck in 2017!

       Looking back at the past 365 days, we have both hard and tough days and wonderful experiences. It is because there are many friends who care about Nuo'o and have the joy of receiving goods. In this day of summing up, just use this article to thank everyone for contributing to the promise!

       In 2016, NuoGou was lucky enough to participate in the celebration of the Independence Day in Saipan, USA, and enjoyed the exoticism.

   He also witnessed Chinese students in Hainan during the graduation season.

  After 15 years of Beijing Athletics World Championships, Norfolk participated in the long-distance running marathon again and there was a love run in Shenzhen.

There is also the TEDA National Marathon in Tianjin

Products of NuoGou also entered Guangzhou Changlong

There are so many activities and sites that have a figure of NuoGou.

   Writing these things is not for the sake of pride. It is only for the purpose of repaying everyone's companionship with NuoGou and delivering a response to those who believe in Noh.

     In 2016, NuoGou did not stop. There are two patents we have developed and applied for.

 Among them, the N200DF, which has already been launched in volume production, has become a star product of NuoGou. Not only has it been recognized by domestic customers, but it has also been exported to overseas customers.

At the same time also improve and improve a variety of stage 

Also in this year, the Noarchians sent their commonly used materials to the national inspection agencies for testing. All of them passed the inspection.

    After all, 2016 will soon become a thing of the past. Noordo expects everyone to continue to support and pay attention to us in the new 2017 year.

      2016 Thanksgiving have you, all the way!

      2017 look forward to have you, all the way!


The above cases are in no particular order. More cases have not been listed, so please include them.

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