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NuoGou40MLong-span truss debut in Qingdao

In Qingdao on October 28th, the 40-meter long span light truss produced by Nuojie helped launch the China Taiping Insurance start-up conference at Qingdao Mangrove Tree Resort. This is also the 600*1050 large-span aluminum alloy lighting stand produced by Novartis in Qingdao. Debut.

       Then you must be curious about what kind of lighting truss can reach a span of 40 meters. The following picture will take you through the entire process of the truss from the factory to the site.

       First,build 40 meters ready for testing

The middle of the 40-meter span is a press-in test. We use a 1-ton water tank to fill 800KG with a load of 6 hours.

According to customer requirements, the surface is painted

Loading and dispatching

   In this debut, the customer did not span to 40 meters. I would like to know more about this 600X1050 scene and welcome everyone to pay attention to the follow-up of the Nobel WeChat public number.          


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