Technical Guidance
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Technical Guidance
NuoGou Stage Equipment teaches you about important structuraIssuing time:2018-03-17
It is a regular phenomenon to shop around, but often some friends ignore important details or unaware of the situation. Manufacturers cut down on work orders to cause safety accidents, and a set of aluminum frames does not fall in place. I hope the ...
OEM welding and processingIssuing time:2018-03-17
OEM welding processing and generation processing, argon arc welding processing, can draw proofs. ...
Aluminum alloy lighting trusses must be understoodIssuing time:2018-03-16
The beautiful stage effects also need to be guaranteed by the structure of the spectrum. As the stage structure has a large proportion, the highest safety requirement is the aluminum alloy lighting truss that hangs on top of peoples heads, especiall...
Screw interface lighting truss installation and storage consIssuing time:2018-03-16
Precautions before use: If you need to climb or work at heights, please bring your seat belts. All construction personnel must be equipped with safety helmets. In case of unconventional construction plans and on-site or indefinite loading of equipm...

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