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Aluminum alloy lighting trusses must be understood
  The beautiful stage effects also need to be guaranteed by the structure of the spectrum. As the stage structure has a large proportion, the highest safety requirement is the aluminum alloy lighting truss that hangs on top of people's heads, especially for the slightest joke. Its quality is directly related to the success of the performance or exhibition, but also related to the safety of related personnel, often listening to the performance of some performances or exhibition events, then it is very necessary to carry out certain products on this Understanding, in order to better choose their own aluminum alloy lighting truss products

一.First from the material to determine
1.6063 and 6005 Spoken English: Aluminium in agriculture After a certain period of contact with rainwater and air, the surface of aluminum is darkened. Belong to the lower end of the material.
2. 6061 Spoken: Industrial Aluminium Why it is called industrial aluminum, it is because it has better corrosion resistance and good weldability. The Vickers hardness is 12 degrees in the T6 state.
3.6082 Spoken: Aerospace aluminum is a new alloy because of 6082, Vickers hardness is 15-17 degrees in T6 state, the composition is similar to 6061, belongs to the upgraded version of 6061, but due to better performance, it is very popular in Europe because of its resistance. Tensile strength is about 10-18% higher than that of 6061. At the same time, because the copper component is reduced, it has better corrosion resistance, but does not lose any extrusion performance and anodizing reaction.
6061 copper is used as a reinforcing phase, and chromium is used for recrystallization control. While the composition of copper in 6082 was reduced, manganese was used for recrystallization control.

二.From the design process
First of all, we must realize that the stage structure belongs to a kind of architectural aluminum structure.
Therefore, a feature of the design of the aluminum structure is to use as little aluminum as possible and use a thin-walled structure, which requires the aluminum alloy to have excellent corrosion resistance and process performance. In general, the wall thickness of the load-bearing structure is 1.5-3 mm, and there is no strict limit for the envelope structure. In the design of architectural aluminum structures, attention should be paid to the characteristics of the elastic modulus of the semi-finished aluminum alloy products, to prevent deformation, and to ensure the overall and local stability of the structural members. When designing aluminum structures, attention should be paid to the rationality of the building structure.
Detailed design of aluminum alloy lighting trusses
1.Attention should be paid to the control of the weight of aluminum alloy lighting trusses, not as heavy as possible. In particular, thickening the material on some unnecessary structures is a waste of cost, and it will also impair the bearing capacity of the truss itself.
2.It is on the aluminum alloy lighting truss to avoid the appearance of the design of the section of the damaged profile itself to ensure the integrity of the welding path.
3.It is in the aluminum alloy lamp truss both ends of the main tube should have a sealing piece, although the name is called the sealing piece, but the actual need to plug into the inside of the main pipe, so as not to damage the welding between the port and the director. In this way, the strength of the truss itself will be increased; at the same time, the supervisor of the horizontal street can avoid the occurrence of hidden dangers and unsightly appearances due to the collision and the depression of the heart when it is used and transported.

三.From the welding process
The production characteristics of aluminum structures are: they must be produced in specialized workshops or factories; in the production of parts and structures, attention must be paid to maintaining the switching and surface conditions of the materials; semi-finished products with special cross-sections should be used to reduce structural welding and The amount of processing is aimed at enhancing the stability of materials and structures.
In general, the high-quality aluminum alloy truss is welded finely, the welder is regular, the welding road is formed into a stack of fish scales, and the dimension is accurate. After the product is formed, there is no situation that the connecting holes are not aligned or are not compatible with the accessories. This content is from Noge Stage Equipment Co., Ltd. Please indicate the source