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Screw interface lighting truss installation and storage cons
  • Precautions before use:

  1. If you need to climb or work at heights, please bring your seat belts. All construction personnel must be equipped with safety helmets.

  2. In case of unconventional construction plans and on-site or indefinite loading of equipment, please contact the relevant sales staff for technical communication to ensure the safety of the equipment.

  3. Understand the equipment use environment, weather and wind conditions, and do a good job of strengthening the overall structure.

  4. When carrying out the weight matching with the safety hanging weight, attention should be paid to subtracting the self-weight of the person climbing and paying attention to the shaking power of the lamp that can be shaken.

  5. Check the required equipment. If you have any of the following problems, please use it with caution and replace or repair the equipment!

    • If the frame body is damaged or deformed, check the weld seam at the port for cracks.

    • Check whether the adjustable foot cups on the base and rocket feet can rotate and smooth. Whether the bottom plate on the foot cup is damaged and there is no crack in the welding place.

    • Connect the screws and check for rusting, especially if the threads on the bolts and nuts are damaged or corroded.

The connecting screw connector adopts 4.8 bolts and nuts, and it is recommended to use 8.8 grades. If there is any missing or damaged, it is necessary to pay attention to the same type of bolt and nut which is not less than 4.8.

  • Electric hoists and controllers are powered on for positive and negative running tests.

  • The manual hoist needs to pull the manual chain and observe whether the manual zipper and the load-bearing chain are operating normally.

  • Check the aircraft belt for damage and corrosion.

  • Preparation and inspe

  • Installation and disassembly notes

 Foreword: Man-operated lighting truss, collapse often occurs in the overall structure rise or fall during the process, please pay attention to hoist operation

  1. Lighting truss installation and installation requires professional installation guidance, and should not be violated.

  2. When erecting, two lighting trusses should be aligned along the inclined pipe in the truss structure to “eight” to increase the stability and safety of the light truss.

  3. Beam trusses should be used to ensure that the sloping tubes in the truss structure are in elevation after being erected. To ensure the safety of the load-bearing light truss.

  4. Rectangular structure of the light truss should be such as 450 * 600MM port, correctly use the large size 600MM surface as a high degree of use. To ensure the safety of the load-bearing light truss. When 600MM is used as a high degree, the maximum weight of the light truss can be utilized.

  5. The lighting truss is fixed by screws. To ensure that all the gaps in each joint can be screwed in and the two shims are correctly placed, all the screws in the joint should be put on before starting to tighten. Because the light truss is aluminum alloy material itself has a certain degree of toughness and the use of the structure, the screw connection can not use spring pad.

  6. Installation Because the light truss is made of aluminum alloy, it has a certain degree of deformation and

  7. Elasticity should be noted during tightening screws    (1) Align the two aluminum racks first

⑵Put all screws on and tighten the screws by hand. Pay attention to each washer at the bolt head and nut.
⑶After all the screws have been put on, use the installation tool: bucket wrench to tighten all the screws. It is better to twist half a circle after the bolts and nuts are tightly attached to the aluminum frame. Be careful not to over-tighten, not easy to disassemble and cause damage to the aluminum frame due to prolonged stress.

  • When a port is tight, it should be checked again.

  1. The connection of the cross beam, a single cross beam is formed by a plurality of lighting trusses connected together, in order to ensure that the screws on the cross beam are tightened, a single cross beam can be connected to the column post on the ground.

For large-scale light trusses and crossbeams with a length of more than 12M, the following two methods can be used to connect and assemble:

  • Connect a light truss to a tight one and combine it into a whole beam.

  • It can also be used to divide a single beam into two or more sections. After each section is connected according to method (1), the two ends of the beam are connected to the side of the beam, and the joints of the joints will be used after the connection is tightened. Flattened and tightened with a screw connection.

  1. After the beams between the columns have been connected to the Fangtong and confirmed in a good position, the feet of the iron pedestal iron stands should be leveled so that the entire pedestal is level. The adjustment of the foot cup is best when the wheels on the base just fall within 5 mm from the ground.

  2. The erection of the column: The column structure should use the base frame + mouthpiece to facilitate the installation. Columns with a height of more than 6M are recommended to use the "pillar frame" for erection and placement of the column. Before erecting the column, ensure that the beam is connected, and in particular, carefully check whether the screws on the column are tightened. Only after the inspection is completed, can the column be erected.

  3. Lifting of the beam: After the beams are fully connected, and the column is set up, it is necessary to check the screw connection on the beam and the screw connection between the beam and the Fangtong, etc. Lifting operation.

  4. If the lighting truss is to be hung with lights or other heavy objects to be hung, the light truss beam can be raised to about 1.2-1.5m. The load carried must be strictly based on the given force report (such as safety span, load, wind resistance level).

  5. When the overall beam structure is lifted, the beam structure shall be raised to about 1.5-2M and the beam structure shall be adjusted to a horizontal state. The base shall be fastened with the foot of the rocket and the diagonal braces, and the foot cup of the rocket foot shall be screwed to the force state. The next lifting operation can be performed.

  6. The installation of the gourd requires that the chain be in a vertical state without knotting, so as to avoid damaging the hoisting chain.

  7. Installation requirements for aircraft belts: Winding requirements, all the leaders that are tied to the lighting truss and must be wound to the light truss are under stress. Before using the aircraft, please read the instructions for use on the aircraft.

  8. The connection between the gourd and the aircraft belt must be transferred through the U-buckle. The carrying capacity of the U-buckle is not less than 4 times the weight of the hoist.

  9. When using the gourd lift, in addition to the hoist operator, another lifting commander must be arranged to observe the lifting status of the entire light truss and observe the running status of the hoist and the rising synchronization of the entire beam structure.

  10. It is forbidden for people to stand and stay under the light truss during the lifting process of the whole light truss structure. Because of the operation of the hoist, it must be noted that the operator must not stand under the cross beam.

  11. Electric hoist lifting and lowering: Because the electric hoist will produce asynchrony when the group hoists, the domestic electric hoist is recommended to stop the whole height of 1-1.5M to adjust the structure of the entire beam, and it must be adjusted to the same level before lifting. To ensure the safety of the truss.

Imported electric hoists with good synchronism are suggested to stop at the height of 1.5-2M for each level of the beam structure.

  1. Manual hoist lifting and lowering: due to poor manual synchronization of manual hoist by manual operation, large-scale structure and hoisting of more than 6 hoists are not recommended for use in the state of synchronization and heavy load. Synchronization of one gourd at any time on the level of the unsynchronized gourd level adjustment followed by lifting to ensure the safety of the truss. Operation manual hoist lifting should pay attention to not be vigorously, making the entire lighting truss structure collapsed.

  2. When the entire light truss structure is raised to the expected height and adjusted to a horizontal state, an insurance structure shall be added. See the structural drawings. It is recommended that the crossbeam and the column be connected by a triangular tube.

  3. The entire structure must also be configured in accordance with the use of the environment for the overall insurance configuration, such as the use of water tanks, etc., should be noted that the use of pull pull reinforcements can not pull the normal conditions of the column and hoist, pull the point as far as possible to set the pull side or beam .

三.   Three. Post-use notes
1. Warehouse environment requirements: Keep away from chemicals
2. After the lighting trusses are used, the connection screws should be completely removed to maintain a single state.
3. Clean up any foreign objects such as wire tie on the light truss.
4. The light truss is made of aluminum alloy. It is necessary to pay attention to cleaning the dirt on the light truss. After cleaning, rinse with clean water and dry it.
5. When the lighting truss encounters pool water, rainwater and acid-alkaline substances, it shall be cleaned and dried with plenty of water after use. And check the corrosion.
6. Do not place the truss horizontally when the light trusses are in storage. The trusses should be erected to facilitate the restoration of the stress of the lighting trusses and to extend the service life.
7.Manual / electric hoist should be used, should be properly placed and regularly on the hoist to add oil and anti-rust oil maintenance, and pay attention to the chain of wear and tear, more details, please pay attention to hoist instructions.
8.When the aircraft belt is used, it should be placed in a dry place to avoid high-temperature baking. When using, check the integrity of the aircraft belt. If the aircraft belt is damaged, it is not complete. Do not continue to use and replace it.